« La librairie moderne », the future « Boulinier », was founded in 1845 in the « Rue des Mathurins ». It was transferred in 1858 to the n°19 Boulevard Saint Michel (« Boulevard Sébastopol » at the time) in the very heart of the Quartier Latin in Paris.

It was the great grandfather of the current generation, Paul Boulinier, who, born in 1858, started working at the shop in 1870 and bought the illustrated book retail business from his boss when he retired in 1886.

In 1890 the business expanded and converted into a general bookshop. Paul Boulinier Jr., born in 1889, Paul’s son, inherited the business in 1922 and, in 1936, crossed the Boulevard Saint Michel to set shop at the n°20. In 1969, Pierre Boulinier, Paul’s son, sold n°19 Boulevard Saint Michel in order to fund the renovation and modernisation of its opposite neighbour. He further expanded and diversified the business, developing a stationary department and paperback stands, giving the shop it’s present day appearance.

The great grandson took over in the 1980’s and opened the store’s shelves to comic books. This new activity came to replace the former general library and pocketbook shelves. By this time Boulinier is Paris’s most renowned comic bookstore.

In the 90’s, the market led Boulinier to get rid of its stationary section.

Boulinier, in advance on its time, then started selling secondhand books, an economic model that developed and proved sustainable. Today, 100% of our store’s products are second hand.

Pierre Boulinier

As a real pioneer of this practice, the Boulinier Libraries started the concept of buying back and selling books, comics, CDs, DVDs and vinyls.

In December 1996 a small Boulinier outlet was opened in the town center of Fontainebleau.

In 2009, Boulinier opened a new shop on the Boulevard Jourdan opposite the Cité Universitaire. In 2012, thanks to the help of the SEMAEST, another shop is set up next to the original one, at n°16 Boulevard Saint Michel. 

In the same vein, in 2013, another shop opened in the south of Seine et Marne, more precisely at Ecuelles, 10 km outside of Fontainebleau.

Finally, Boulinier crossed the river Seine in 2014, opening two new shops at Place des Innocents, Chatelêts les Halles, and at n°7 Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle.

In 2018 yet another shop opened its doors at 144 Boulevard Macdonald in the north of Paris. 

Next retail outlet: on the moon!
As a family business, Boulinier has resisted to the test of time since its foundation in 1845. The 5th generation will soon take over. Today, the great-great grand children have joined the adventure and will continue to write the story…